Koinč 2015

Exhibition-contest "the chasuble"

The Chasuble: fabrics and innovative designs for liturgical vestments

The decision to put the spotlight on the chasuble, which already took centre stage during one of the expo's earlier editions, was dictated by its importance within the framework of liturgical rites and to stimulate an active dialogue between manufacturers and the world of fashion design. In fact, the chasuble is the most important of all liturgical vestments: it indicates to the congregation the sacerdotal function and is worn by the bishop or by the priest during the Holy Mass and in liturgical rites strictly related to such a ceremony. (additional details about the chasuble and its importance in liturgical rites are available in italian only in the download area).
It was already quite evident how the previous edition significantly stimulated a renewal process in the production of liturgical vestments and it seemed appropriate, many years later, to focus on this subject once again to further encourage sector manufacturers. Always lacking references in the field of liturgy and interactions with those endowed with innovative skills in designing new models and in textile art, the vestment manufacturing world considers this event an important opportunity to interact with designers and liturgists to commence a season of extensive renovation, as already occurred in the field of architecture and sacred music.

In the course of the four days during which the expo goes on, the specially designed chasubles and fabrics will be on display in the exhibition set up in pavilion G1 of the expo centre. The conference dedicated to this specific subject, to be held on the day of the inauguration, is an appropriate setting for fashion and fabric historians, designers and liturgists to interact, providing them with an interesting opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the issues.

The exhibition is divided into two sections

contest area
including participation by the most successful Italian textile artistic designers, called on to interpret the chasuble, presenting all hand-made products, and by textile art schools, involved in creating and designing fabrics and experimenting with various fibres.
Visit the image gallery of the selected chasubles on display during the exhibition.

hors concours area
including a display of some of the most innovative chasubles proposed by manufacturers of liturgical vestments exhibiting at Koinč and who have experimented with new models that differ from those in the catalogue.
A designer, Nanni Strada, has also been invited to the hors concours area to present his own ideas to a sector that needs both incentives and innovation.

Contest prizes offered by:

- for schools, Rangoni S. "Un telaio per tutti" - Calenzano (FI)
- for artists, Manifatture Europ Marchini s.r.l. - Como

Acknowledgement for the monographic exhibition lighting
Audio Italia Group - Milano

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