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Urbanowicz Haft - Sportfashion  polonia
 Hall B - Stand 22-36-46-58
Company name   Urbanowicz Haft - Sportfashion
Address  Ul.Trzebnicka 52
Town  50-231 Wrocaw (Poland)
Phone  +48.0713540406
Fax  +48.0713540406
Web Site

Since 1982 we are one of the bigest embroidery factory in Poland. We have 70 employes, and we are making all services of embroidery for civile customers to, but we are specialized in produces goods to churches like: table cloths, banners with christian sign, stole, vestment, and much more...



20-08-2014The 65th edition of the Liturgical Week
EUCHARIST and MERCY is the title of the 65th Liturgical Week that will be held in Orvieto from the 25th to the 28th of August
25-07-2014Koinč in the USA: CMN 2014
From July 29th to August 1st, the annual meeting of the CMN (organization serving the Catholic supply chain in the United States) will be held in Chicago at the Schaumburg Convention Center.
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